Mountain Winery Seating Chart

The Mountain Winery Amphitheater provides a stunning experience as a building in its own right, from the magnificent Historic Grand Hall to the many terraces and outdoor spaces, surrounded by redwood trees and providing views of the entire Silicon Valley. Concerts are held in the Concert Bowl area of the winery, a 2500 seat amphitheater featuring a stunning backdrop of of the Historic Winery Building’s stone portal.

Patrons are asked to stick to their original assigned seats on the day of the performance, as switching around will cause confusion. Seating is clearly labelled and set out, but if you experience any difficulty at all, please ask one of steward staff. They will be more than happy to assist you. Once the performance starts, audience members are asked to remain seated until interval or the end of the performance. If you are required to leave for any reason during, please do so as considerately as possible.