The Mountain Winery was founded by Paul Masson, a California wine industry pioneer, in 1901. Originally in the employment of Charles Lefranc, Paul Masson had a brief partnership with Lefranc’s son before buying out his share in the Almaden Vineyards. In 1892, he brought out his first sparkling wine, and soon became known as the “Champagne King of California.”

The Mountain Winery became known for its lavish parties and events in addition to its wines, and in 1958, a series of concerts began to be held at the building. Among those performing were huge names including Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Ringo Starr, Stevie Wonder, the Beach Boys, Ray Charles, and Carlos Santana!

Today, the winery is proud host to a famous series of summer concerts. With its ivy-covered stone structure and old-world feel, the Mountain Winery provides a uniquely intimate experience and a highly dramatic setting for performers.

Mountain Winery Amphitheater